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Works 21–22, solo show, Horizont Gallery, Budapest
Photos by Dávid Biró
The exhibition titled Works 21–22 presents works focusing on a variety of topics such as Acid, UFO, cosmology and the conjure of lost futures and its lost spirits. This interest can be described as ’’archeo-futurological’’, since the collages, paintings, prints and installations consist of cultural sediments of our lost collective futurities. Merging various sources from pop- and counterculture, futuristic design, psychedelia, jazz and acid house, the works seek to create a temporal spiral between the late modern era filled with utopian energies and our futureless present.
The Panther is Tired, 2022, pigment transfer, acrylic on canvas, 90x90 cm
Acid King I-II, 2022, silkscreen print on blotter paper, each 18x25 cm
Juicy FruEEEt, 2021, gouache on canvas, 90x90 cm
Logos, 2021, oil on plywood, 120x120 cm
Jazz Gets You High, 2022, 3 color silkscreen print on LP vinyl cover, ed. 20 + 2AP, 31x31 cm
Meditating on Július Koller, 2022, gouache on canvas, 70x70 cm
Back & Forth, 2022, gouache on canvas, 70x70 cm
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