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Mark Fridvalszki (born in 1981 in Budapest, lives and works in Berlin) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2011 and was a postgraduate Meisterschüler student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig (2014–2017). Fridvalszki is the co-initiator and graphic editor of the publishing project and cross-disciplinary collective Technologie und das Unheimliche or T+U (since 2014).
Archeo-futurology, the excavation of visual remains of lost futures and modernist visions in a post-futuristic, atemporal age, has become the prime method in the art of Mark Fridvalszki. After the uncanny sediments of Cold War aesthetics, visionary yet threatening intersections of deep past and deep future from speculative geology to post-apocalyptic "haggard geometry" that defined the first decade of his work, this archeo-futurological impulse has brought a 180-degree turn: paranoia has been replaced by utopia, claustrophobic bunker-existence expanded into vertiginous virtual perspectives, grayscale imagery gave way to a psychedelic palette, future-fears turned into future-fascinations.
The meta-collages, composed of visual materials of two distinct but in many ways parallel futuristic periods – the years around 1968 as the culmination point of "Popular Modernism" and the years of 1989 with a special emphasis on the Rave movement's struggle against the neoliberal invasion of cultural and political imagination – are the sensual results of a seemingly paradox strategy of digging up the past in search of the future, unearthing the still potent utopian impulses repressed by the antimodern consensus. Fuelled by a nostalgia for the future, what Fridvalszki creates are artistic devices for a spectropolitical strategy to summon the exorcised ghosts of Modernity in order to break through the temporal claustrophobia of our presentist age.
Barnabás Zemlényi-Kovács
2014 – 2017 Meisterschüler, postgraduate studies at Academy for Visual Arst Leipzig (HGB), Media Art
2011 Diploma with distinction at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2008 – 2011 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Graphic Arts and Printmaking
2004 – 2008 University of Applied Arts Vienna, Graphic Arts and Printmaking
Since 2019 Professional Association of Visual Artists (BBK), Berlin
Since 2009 Membership of the Studio of Young Artist Association (FKSE), Budapest
Since 2014 Technologie und das Unheimliche (T+U)
Solo shows, projects (selection):
2021 Forward and Up!, intervention in public space, Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin
2020 Future Perfect, Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaújváros, ICA-D, H
2020 Escape to Forever, Gallery TIC, Brno, CZ
2020 Homeless Between Yestermorrows, Horizont Gallery, Budapest
2019 Duo presentation at Miart, w/ Horizont Gallery, Milano
2019 An Out of this World Event IV., Horizont Gallery, Budapest
2019 An Out of this World Event III., Karlin Studios, Prague
2018 Solo presentation at Paris Internationale, w/ Horizont Gallery, Paris
2018 An Out of this World Event II., LLPlatform, Budapest
2017 Material Study (Sonic), feat. Sam Conran, Super+ Centercourt , München
2017 Take Me Back, feat. János Iván Kárpáti, Artkartell Projectspace, Budapest
2017 9,81, Art+Text Gallery, Budapest
2016 Dream, Relax & Dream, w/ Simon Elias Meier, Speculative Spaces, Leipzig
2016 APPARATVS, w/ Aleksandr Delev, The Museum, Leipzig
2016 New, Grey, Polished Chrome, Chimera-Project Gallery, Budapest
2016 Marshalling Inc., operated by T+U, Zönotéka, Berlin
2015 Only Ruins Left, HIT Gallery, Bratislava
2015 T+U vol. III. Enigma, Booklet Launch & Show, Project Space Akademie Solitude, Stuttgart
2014 Please mother, can't we go some place where there isn't any sky?, Labor, Budapest
Group shows, projects (selection):
2020 Flagge zeigen, interventions in public space, Storkow, DE
2020 Leaning on the Past, Working for the Future, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
2020 Close Friends, B2 Gallery, Leipzig
2020 The World Is Flat and Square, Raum Vollreinigung, Berlin
2019 Shortlist at Esterházy Award, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
2019 Conditio Inhumana, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
2018 Global Control and Censorship, operated by T+U, MODEM, Debrecen, H
2018 Reading the Cities, outdoor sculpture project around Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, Leipzig
2018 If you are manipulated, manipulate back!, Kunstverein Kunsthaus Potsdam, DE
2018 Where Do We Go From Here, Galerie Miroslava Kubíka, Litomyšl, CZ
2018 :-(, D21 Kunstverein, Leipzig
2018 DOME, Zeiss-Grossplanetarium, Berlin
2017 Rosebuds - Hidden Stories of Things, D21 Kunstverein, Leipzig
2017 Shortlist at Esterházy Award, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
2017 Leopold Blood Art Award 2017, New Budapest Gallery, Budapest
2017 The Pit and the Pendulum, OFF-Biennale II., 2017, Pécs, H
2017 Unseen, Chimera-Project Gallery, Budapest
2017 Vienna Contemporary w/ Chimera-Project Gallery, Vienna
2016 Interference, Trafó Gallery, Budapest
2016 Neuro Gym - Reality Research Festival 2k16, organised by Kitchen Budapest, Budapest
2016 Solstice, Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest
2016 INTERMARIUM, BWA Sokół Gallery, Nowy Sącz, PL
2016 Vienna Contemporary w/ Chimera-Project Gallery, Vienna
2016 The Portent of Light, Gallery Meetfatory, Prague
2016 Volkshymne, Gallery Nod, Prague
2015 Shortlist at Esterházy Award, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest
2015 Inverz, Kisterem Gallery, Budapest
2015 Bewahren Speichern Präsentieren, Lage Egal, Berlin
2015 Insecurity State by T+U & Corporation, OFF-Biennale I., Lärm Club, Budapest
2015 Enigma, Mzin, Leipzig
2015 Accumulation of Matter, Lehrter 17, Berlin
2015 Around Analogies, w/ T+U, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart
2014 The Thunder Lizard Was Never Extinct, Zönotéka, Berlin
2014 Pensive Pictures, Goodbye!, Higgs Field, Budapest
2013 My Little Cloud, Dovin Gallery, Budapest
2013 Gemischter Satz, NÖ Dokumentationszentrum für Moderne Kunst, St.Pölten, A
2012 The Stars Look Different Today, Dovin Gallery, Budapest
2012 SEJT, MODEM, Debrecen, H
2012 Isolation, w/ Peter Lowas, Senatsreservenspeicher, Berlin
2012 LOOP, Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest
2012 Lichenisierung, Moe, Vienna
2011 Friss 2011, Kogart Gallery, Budapest
2011 Budapest Áramlás, Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest
2011 Papír Panoráma, Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest
Awards, prizes:
2019 Nomination for Esterházy Award, Budapest
2018 Working scolarship, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen (KdFS), Leipzig
2017 Nomination for Leopold Bloom Art Award, Budapest
2017 Nomination for Esterházy Award, Budapest
2015 Nomination for Esterházy Award, Budapest
2015 Nomination for Artist of Year
2009 Nomination for Walter Koschatzky Kunstpreis, Vienna
2007 Vivatis Holding Award, Vienna
2007 Stiegl Award, Vienna
AiR, projects:
2019 Futura, AiR, Prague
2018 7th Sympozium Litomyšl, curated by Jan Zálešák, Litomyšl, CZ
2018 The Last Amazonian Congress, curated by Lucia Tkáčová, Polana Forest, SK
2018 Schafhof, AiR, Freising, DE
2018 Ebenböck-Haus, AiR, München
2015 Meetfactory, AiR, Prague
2014 Igor Metropol, AiR, Budapest
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