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Design, concept, development by Mark Fridvalszki; curator, research, translation by Anna Tüdős; Hyperdimension, music by Elod Janky
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Home Page is an alternative archive, based on the net art collection of C³ Foundation, Hungary. It aims to promote a free and utopic vision for the internet that originates in early net art works. 
In the second half of the ’90s, websites offered an experimental platform for artistic experimentation. Structure and design principles were not written in stone yet and therefore the artistic freedom to shape the internet motivated many creators to produce exciting and unique work. Writing Html was accessible, DIY and it had a promise to become something bigger. Resident artists and collaborators of the C³ Foundation often chose this medium, most of the net art collection of the foundation originates from the mid-Nineties. … – Anna Tüdős
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