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DOME, group show, Zeiss-Großplanetarium, Berlin
Curated by Frank J. Schäpel; photos by Bernd Borchardt
The interdisciplinary art project DOME invites you to engage with ’cosmic realities’ at the Zeiss-Großplanetarium in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Initiated by the artist Frank J. Schäpel and accompanied by an extensive program of films, concerts, and lectures, the exhibition presents artistic and scientific positions that deepen, challenge, and expand our understanding of the cosmos. In the context of the DOME project, the cosmos symbolizes that which is unfathomably far away, while it, at the same time, constitutes our habitat of which we ourselves are a part. The works shown in the exhibition address themselves to the ambivalence of visualizing the unfathomable in order to gain a new understanding of our position in the cosmos. By juxtaposing artistic and scientific positions, the show puts different methods of perceiving, approaching, and presenting cosmic realities up for discussion: How to assess the possibilities and limitations of our immediate and apparatus-enhanced perception? How does our consciousness deal not only with sensory impressions and technologically gathered data, but also with the blind spots of our perception and world views?
Encode Us! I-IV, 2018, digital collage, inkjet print on 190 gsm paper, each 70x100 cm, ed. of 3 + 2AP; Voyager I images decoded by Ron Barry in 2017
Nobody Here, 2018, screen capture, inkjet print on 190 gsm paper, 70x100 cm, ed. of 3 + 2AP; image source: Pale Blue Dot, Wikipedia
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