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Montag Modus – Archive of Futures III, Uferstudios Tanzfabrik Berlin
Performative dinner with some of my pigment transfer works; photos by Barbara Antal, Dieter Hartwig
Booklet by →Kajet Journal w/ Adrienn Császár
→Montag Modus contributions by Otucha Collective, Kasia Wolińska, Léna Szirmay-Kalos, Ben Mohai, MM Team
The third edition of this year’s Montag Modus’ ”Archive of Futures” project departs from the intersection of Eastern Europe’s many pasts and futures. The possibilities of this interlaced space are examined through the means of sharing food and stories: a journey into Eastern Europe’s futures unfolds through a three-course dinner for 40 guests, based on regional cuisine and family recipes, and paired with food, spirits, games, and an artistic program that guides us through new wanderings and exchanges. The condition of Easternfuturism is approached through second-hand memories but newly born hopes, identities in-flux and postcommunist diasporas, with the purpose of reclaiming Eastern Europe as a space whose future is yet to be articulated.
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