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An Out of this World Event II, solo show, LLPLatform, Budapest
Thanks to Saint Leidal The 2nd, Gördön, Új Bála; photos by László Kun
The works that have been made in 2018 are characterized by the errors of file conversion, as well as by the tension between digital and printed images and the ethnographic submersion into subcultures and DIY scenes. These works evoke the nostalgia for lost futures and the atmosphere of escapisms from the polished consumer realities. These tendencies are being accentuated by the aesthetics of glitches and the sensibility to rustic material surfaces. Following the exhibition at D21 in Leipzig, the installation entitled An Out of this World Event​ II aims to continue the media archeological exploration of utopic events of the early 90s. The motifs that have been appropriated and edited with slight gestures from the internet appear on the prints of a special T-shirt edition as significant artefacts of rave cultures. Besides the installation that merges into the consumerist environment of Lollipop Factory Budapest as a display, the printed artworks and a sound installation recall the spirit of the predigital cultural era.
An Out of this World Event II, 2018, wallpaper, digital print on paper, 430x300 cm; digital print on Fruit of the Loom T-shirt, ed. of 12, magnets
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