Mark Fridvalszki

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Text by Márió Z. Nemes about "Hagere Geometrie-03" at Kisterem Gallery, 2015 (En)

... The exhibiting artists are united by a purified approach to form, which Mark Fridvalszki has elevated into an artistic programme, called, in his words, "haggard geometry" (Hagere Geometrie). This leanness, though, is also an inversion of the puritanical tendencies of geometric abstraction, in the sense that it follows the strict principle of reduction only visually, while contextually "filling in" and "overloading" the purity itself. In Fridvalszki's case, it is not possible for forms to be abstracted from their origins or from the way they are embedded in culture and technology, for the main source of inspiration for these post-digital collages is the aesthetic of industry and the military, meaning that the visual language is based on logos, weapons and aeronautical forms and surfaces. In this context, leanness means "degradation by depletion", designed by the ruler of a post-apocalyptic world, in which the act of stripping things down to their internal framework and the fetish of metallic inorganicness are accorded meaning in a panorama imbued by "civilisation criticism". The over-riding presence of grey (and greyness) is not the consequence of a pure aesthetic, but the embodiment of the alienated greyscale of the technological twilight of humanity, in which extra-terrestrial visitors (the "Grey ones") and the melancholy of geological consciousness come together in a vision of ruins and desert. ...

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