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"ONLY RUINS LEFT" / 27. 10. 15 - 06. 11. 15 at HIT Gallery (curated by Dora Kendera), Bratislava

Into the cellar of the post-archeology, we follow the stalker's steps into past and future memories. In this shelter-atmosphere, an environment for dreamlike spatiotemporal experience unfolds by the glow of a flashlight. The psychedelic 'meta-collage' draws from prehistoric evidence, recent events as well as prophecies about what is yet to come, triggering associative leaps of a holistic worldview. (Text by Krisztina Hunya)

For HIT Gallery, Mark Fridvalszki creates an in situ room filling collage, using appropriated motives that can be explored
Saint Leidal The 2nd composed the latter after Eduard Artemyev's Meditation in Stalker (1979).

Listen the sound here ...

Video on Vimeo ...


"Only Ruins Left" (in-situ environment / digital print, flashlight, phosphor tape, sound, size variable / music by Saint Leidal The 2nd, 11'08'' (looped)) 2015

(Photos: Andrej Zabkay)


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