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"9,81" / Pop-up solo show at Art+Text Budapest

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"Diorama für das Material" (mixed media installation) 2017

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"DREAM, RELAX & DREAM" w/ Simon Elias Meier (Atelier Adler) (in situ installation at Speculative Spaces, Leipzig) 2016

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"Starless" (mixed media installation) 2016 at Neuro Gym --- Reality Research Festival 2k16, Budapest

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(Curated by Szilvi Német)

"The Final Collapse" (mixed media installation) 2016 at BWA SOKOL Gallery, Nowy Sacz (PL)

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(Curated by Lukasz Bialkowski & Piotr Sikora)

Vienna Contemporary 2016 / Chimera-Project Gallery (booth F13 w/ Géza Perneczky, Anu Vahtra)

(Curated by Patrick Urwyler / Photo: Anu Vahtra)
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"In Archaic Mode"(mixed media installation) 2016 / Group show at at Meetfactory Gallery, Prague

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(Curated by Jaro Varga & Lucia Tkacova)

Aleksandr Delev & Mark Fridvalszki ’’APPARATVS’’ (mixed media environment) 2016 / Solo show at The Museum, Leipzig
Photos: Bence Bakai

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"NEW, GREY, POLISHED CHROME" (in situ environment, size variable) 2016 / Solo show at Chimera-Project
Photos: Norbert Juhász / Curated by Zsolt Miklósvölgyi

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"MARSHALLING Inc." operated by T+U (mixed media environment) 2016 at Zönotéka, Berlin

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"ONLY RUINS LEFT" (mixed-media environment) 2016 at HIT Gallery (curated by Dora Kendera), Bratislava

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"Hommage für das Material no. II." (appropriation from Borsos Lörinc (cans), carbon, enamel paint, wood, 60x60x40cm / wallpaper, 300x220cm) 2015
Photos: Csongor Szigeti / Curated by Szilvi Német

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"Endless Enigma" (PVC print, fossils, shaped iron shelf, acrylic transfer on wood, ~100x220x25cm) 2014
Photos: Daniel Pauselius

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"Geoscape" (mixed media installation, size variable) 2014
Photos: Gábor Kristóf

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"Untitled" T+U (mural, 250x250cm) at Ivisible Press, IMI (Istanbul, TR)


"3,14" (mixed media installation) 2014

"Please mother, can't we go some place where there isn't any sky?" (mixed media environment, size variable) 2014 at Labor, Budapest
Photos: János Iván Kárpáti, Zsuzsi Simon / Curated by Krisztina Hunya

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"Hommage an das Material" (mixed media installation, size variable) 2014 at Higgs Field
Photos: Csongor Szigeti / Curated by Szilvi Német

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"Inner Horizons" (mixed media environment, size variable) 2014, Studio presentation at Igor Metropol, Budapest
Photos: János Iván Kárpáti

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"Raum evolution I., II." (mixed media environment, size variable) 2014 at F56, Berlin

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Mixed Media Installation at Artplacc with Dovin Gallery 2013, Tihany
Curated by Szilvi Német


Works at "My little cloud" Dovin Gallery 2013, Budapest
Curated by Szilvi Német

"2nd reborn" (wallpaper each 120x350cm, DIN A4 works on paper) at LLLPP 2013, Budapest

Mark Fridvalszki + Peter Lowas "Totem" (mixed media installation, size variable) 2012 at Senatsreservenspeicher, Berlin
Curated by Meetropa

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Mixed Media Installation (wallpaper 200x370cm, mixed media works) at KKB 2012, Berlin

"Untitled" (digital print on paper, each 120x120cm) at MOE 2012, Vienna


Mixed Media Installation at "SEJT" Gödör 2012, Budapest
Curated by Mónika Zsikla

Setup (silkscreen printed wallpaper, different collage works on paper) at "The stars look different today" Dovin Gallery, Budapest, 2012
Curated by Zita Sárvári

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"Techno-Escape" (mixed media installation) at the Academy in Vienna, 2011 (Diploma)
Photo by János Iván Kárpáti

City Poster at @RC 2011, Budapest
Photo by János Iván Kárpáti


"Orbital period" at Telep Gallery 2011, Budapest

1x1 Board 2011, Budapest

Mixed Media Installation (size variable) at "Friss 2011" Kogart Gallery, Budapest

"Deep Horizon" (mixed media environment, self-adhesive foil) at FKSE / Studio Gallery 2011, Budapest

"Untitled" (self-adhesive foil, size variable) at Annual Show / Academy in Vienna, 2010


Series "Open Minds"at "Wo der Pfeffer wächst" Kro Art 2009, Vienna

"Food 4 Your Family" (graffiti) 2009, Budapest


Works (collection of DIN A4 works on paper) at "The Essence 2007" MAK, Vienna

"Defended Area" (Food 4 Your Family) (mixed media installation) at Qubik Space 2007, Wienerneustadt
Organised and photos: Michael Wegerer

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