Mark Fridvalszki

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"9,81" (mixed media environment) 2017
Pop-up solo show at Art+Text Budapest / Opening speech by Patrick Urwyler

Sound (11'23'' (looped)): created and edited by András Leidal (Saint Leidal the 2nd), after Gabriel Yared's animation "La Prisonnière" (1985)
Photos: Dávid Bíró

"​[...]​​ ​Ruins are in a sense the victory of nature over the civilizational object, but nature in the post-digital context is just as questionable a principle as the digitally untouched 'uncontaminated' material. According to one interpretation of post-apocalyptic perception, this is life without a world (to quote Tamás Seregi), a damaged and melancholy existence scarred by the agony of civilization -- the vanishing of the world. ​[...]​ In other words, a new non-human aspect emerges out of the unconscious over-hype and ruination of technology: Earth as planetary machine. Fridvalszki's obsessions with materials history and paleontology keep cropping up in his technology-related research,​ ​[...] Contemporary screen aesthetics caves in under the raw materialism of the non-figurative spreads that take the audience on a geological descent towards the silence of the geological sublime devoid of humans. This suggests a sort of arte povera attitude, the subversive exploitation of Georges Bataille's base matter, but the sensualness of the photocopied surfaces is balanced on the razor's edge between the material and the immaterial. ​[...]"

("The simulacrum bleeds matter" ​by Márió Z. Nemes, details. Artlocator/03, 2016)


"This material, in its first stage, is the color. (El Lissitzky, 1920)"(acrylic, enamel paint, paper, collage, 21x29,7cm / series I-XV, in frames) 2017

"Steingrau" (acrylic transfer, sand, canvas, 40x50cm / series I-IV) 2017

"Hagere Geometrie - 1985, Leipzig" (ver. β) (digital graphic, digital print on paper, magnet, ~120x200cm) 2017

"Diorama für das Material" (mixed media installation, ~200x200x50cm) 2017
"Ever Green" (baked clay, enamel paint, ~15x15x15cm / fern) 2017
"Karbonstudien"(digital graphic, acrylic transfer, gypsum, ~25x38x3cm / foam board / series I-IV) 2017


"Bestimmtes Moment" (digital graphic, acrylic transfer, sand, canvas, 50x60cm / series I-III) 2016
Source: Zdeněk Burian (1905-1981), illustrations about paleo-sealandscapes (1950's)

"Hagere Geometrie - The Dragon" (plastic models, enamel paint, rubber ring, granite, glass, 28x28x20cm) 2017

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