Mark Fridvalszki

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"In Archaic Mode" (mixed-media installation) 2016
Wallpaper: digital collage, digital print, 3,8x11,8m
Panels: digital graphic, UV ink print on Dibond, 3x 100x100cm
Sound: appropriation from Klaus Schulze "Timewind" 1975 (Brain) 59:13
"The Portent of Light" Group Show at MeetFactory Gallery, Prague
Curated: Jaro Varga & Lucia Tkacova
Text: Jaro Varga
Photos: Tomáš Souček

Ancient cave paintings, emerging from the depth of time at the beginning of human culture could represent either gods, aliens, or entities from other dimensions of time and space. The inspiration of these uncanny figures is veiled with a shadow of oblivion, they could be fantasies or real events and beings. In Archaic Mode is a collection of the most famous 'alien' cave paintings, digitally composed into a collage. These ancient signs represent a universal timescale, a knot of deep past and far future - they were created thousand of years ago, yet they depict the imagery of future technologies, timespace travels and exoterrestrial visitors. The images question the evolution of the Homo Sapiens as a race and fantasize about the potential 'missing link'. The wallpaper, composed of digitally printed DIN A3 sheets, follows the post-digital tactics and the 'aesthetic of a copyshop', using basic filters to reach the 'psychedelic' moment of the whole image. It is an artificial cave situation which combines ancient and new technologies, the real and the pseudo. The dibond pictures of Gauguin (Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?) is inversed, overlaid with geometric patterns taken from crop circles (squares). The sound is an appropriation from Klaus Schulze's Timewind, composed in 1975.

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