Mark Fridvalszki

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"The Final Collapse" (mixed media installation) 2016
Wallpaper: digital collage, digital print, 340x720cm
Objects: styrodur, tile adhesive, ~20x20x40cm (+sand, limestone)
Sound: created by János Iván Kárpáti (6'37'' (looped)) Listen here...

Group show "INTERMARIUM" at BWA SOKOL Gallery (Nowy Sacz, PL)
Curated: Lukasz Bialkowski & Piotr Sikora
Photos: Piotr Drozdzik

"The Final Collapse"

Over the course of millions of years, rocks were formed naturally from quartz, crystals, magma and fossilized organisms. Capable of structural and logical thinking, Homo sapiens used technology to break down these ancient textures and appropriate matter. The rocks were re-shaped, alienated, domesticated, deauratized and charged with new ideologies. And as the acropolises of civilizations collapsed, in the aura of their ruins, matter was able to regain its original sublime nature. This matter-fantasy, through a planetary, non-anthropocentric lens, tells the story of the raped forms of natural stone turning into ruins, or, in other terms, 'the drama of matter'.

The piece was composed especially for the work The Final Collapse by Mark Fridvalszki. After many conversations and discussions, I had a clear vision how to translate his basic idea into an audio environment. The conception is based on an ever flowing, pulsating state of musical harmonies, that leads the listener’s interest into a mesmerising audiovisual position. It evokes a static impression of an infinite motion of waveforms in the ambient landscape of a dystopian undulation. It is a linear sine of sounds that is conceived in an imaginary spiral of musical counterpoints. (János Iván Kárpáti)




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